Your Cat’s Dental Maintenance

Funny kitten - Cat Dental Maintenance               Your cat’s dental maintenance is essential to ensure that your cat enjoys a long healthy life. Cats need to have their teeth looked after, because otherwise it could lead them to a lot of other complications concerning their overall health. For example, if your pet kitten has periodontal issues, it would not be able to eat properly, and eventually will experience inadequate health and wellness, due to lack of the correct nutrients in the body. That’s just how important dental maintenance is for your pet cat.

A lot of pets may have to suffer with a large amount of dental issues if they are not adequately taken care of. That is why it is the pet owner’s responsibility to make sure that his or her pet kitten follows a routine of good dental care. It could be tedious, but it will be very beneficial for your pet’s overall health in the long run.

One of the problems that kittens undergo with their teeth is plaque. Just like people, kittens also build up tarter on their teeth called plaque. This is due to the various kinds of food that pets eat which eventually cause a buildup on their teeth that could further cause  tartar accumulation. If the collection of plaque continues on, it may cause gum issues and eventually the loss of your pet feline’s teeth.

Not all pets have the same issues with plaque. Their appears to be a few cats that lean towards tartar buildup,  while there are others that seem to do well with little oral treatment. On the other hand, there are other cats that require routine teeth cleansing, in order to keep the plaque off from their teeth. Plaque is a whitish yellow accumulation that gradually collects on the teeth.

In kittens, the plaque usually accumulates on the exterior area of the top teeth. If the tartar is allowed to build up, the plaque may result in serious gum complications in kittens. Gum complications usually appear as red gum lines, which can easily indicate that the plaque is currently causing some irritation.

In order to avoid the over build-up of plaque in your pet cat’s teeth, an annual teeth cleaning is usually indicated. Veterinarians usually place the felines under basic anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned. However, the fee for this kind of service can be quite costly.

To save money, the best thing would be to begin cleaning your cat’s teeth at home on a regular basis, and therefore avoid any plaque build-up in the first place. It may take some careful planning when you begin to undertake this task of brushing your cat’s teeth on your own. Be prepared that your cat may not want to have any part of this cleaning, and will most likely be very uncooperative, to the point of being a little nasty in showing his or her disapproval.  Therefore, it might be wise for you to wrap your pet in a good-sized bath towel, straitjacket style.  As well, it is always better to have an assistant during this process.

When brushing your cat’s teeth, try to find a small children’s tooth brush, or you may find a small one in a pet store.  They also offer toothpaste for cats and dogs that are more appealing and acceptable to them. Occasionally kittens or cats may become accustomed to having their teeth cleaned if it is undertaken regularly, and come to find it a lot less an ordeal for both the pet owner and their cat.

A unpleasant odour coming from your kitten’s mouth may come to your attention when you are keeping tabs on your pet’s dental care.  This is usually brought about by two different stages of your kitten’s growth.  It can be quite common when the kitten is teething, and then at approximately six months old, their baby teeth begin to fall out and get replaced with a permanent set.  After your kitten has finished undergoing this process, there will be a gradual lessening of any odour present.

If you begin early with your cat’s dental maintenance, your pet cat should be blessed with good overall health and plenty of energy with just a little effort on your part.

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