How to Bathe Cats


Cats are known for being very clean animals and they are frequently spotted grooming themselves. They take great pride in this process and often do not enjoy being brushed by their owners. Something they enjoy even less is getting a bath and this event can border on the traumatic for both the feline and its owner. Knowing how to bathe cats properly will make the process go much smoother and not result in a trip to the emergency room.

If the cat has gotten into a situation where it is very dirty or it has ticks or fleas, the owner may need to bathe the animal. The first thing to do is make sure that the cat cannot be cleaned simply by rubbing it with a wet cloth. This method can save a lot of pain and anxiety on the part of the animal and the human.

If a bath is definitely in order, the human should suit up for the occasion. The arms and legs should be covered in clothing and the outfit should not be something that the person cannot live without. Cats are known to scratch when they get wet, so humans should make sure that the skin is not exposed to this danger.

The next thing to do is find a volunteer to help with the bathing process, because help will be needed. The other person will need to hold the legs and jaw of the cat, without strangling it. The goal is to prevent the cat from wriggling out of the human’s grip and running, biting, or scratching.

Trim the nails of the cat before bathing to reduce the amount of damage that can be done by scratching. Get a tub large enough to accommodate the feline and fill it with four to five inches of water, depending on the size of the animal. Fill the tub before bringing the cat into the room, and place a rubber mat or towel on the floor of the tub so the cat will not slip. Fill several buckets with extra water to use for rinsing the feline. Comb the cat and then place it into the tub, soaking it from the neck down using a wash cloth treated with shampoo. Rinse the cat several times to remove all soap, then blot and rub the cat dry using a towel.

Knowing how to bathe cats in a manner least stressful for the animal, will make the experience a bit more enjoyable for all involved. The cat will be clean and dry and the owner will be scratch and bite-free. The cat may even come to love getting its baths, but that is rather unlikely.

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Training a Kitten

So you’ve brought home a fluffy bundle of love. She’s just gotten all her shots, and has been given a clean bill of health. You even have plans to make sure she gets fixed in a few weeks. She’s bright-eyed and energetic (even when you would wish for her to settle down at 2 o’clock in the morning!), and happy as a clam. She has all the toys she could want, and you even have a cat tree on back order for her when she gets big enough to use it. Sounds idyllic to the cat fancying types, doesn’t it?

And then she starts misbehaving. Either she tears around the house, knocking things over, steals stuff and starts destroying the furniture and generally shatters the equilibrium of the home. Stop right there. Some of you may be thinking that pets, especially young ones, must be treated like their human counterparts. This isn’t so. Far too many owners try to treat their pets like humans, and it just doesn’t go over well at all.

If you want to engender obedience in sweet Fluffy, there are some things you should take to heart when attempting to train her. Also bear in mind that unlike dogs, cats don’t typically go for ‘Do x because of y’ routine. They will usually ignore such methods, frustrating you and probably upsetting them.

When she behaves rambunctiously, she’s doing so because she’s probably bored or lonely, not necessarily malicious or evil. She is attempting to act out instinctual predatory behaviors. It’s up to you to help guide her in the right direction. Go down to her level, play with her, provide toys and interaction – don’t just leave toys for her to explore on her own. At that age, not only are you fostering positive experiences for her, the bonding will help ensure that she stays safe in the home, knowing in whom she can rely for comfort, love and nourishment.

If you want her to do something, you must reinforce the thing with stimuli she’ll find pleasant. The inverse isn’t necessarily true. You ‘should’ help her understand that certain things will manifest an unpleasant result, but, for instance, if she comes meowing and romping at 2 a.m., don’t chase her and let her outside or feed/play with her then. This is more then likely exactly what she wants, so she’ll assume, despite your yelling, that she has done a good thing.

If Fluffy is prone to tearing up the furniture, there are few things you can do to bring about a positive result. First, you have to accept that she ‘will’ stretch, climb and scratch. These are all natural activities for a cat, and things they greatly enjoy doing. In the short term, confining her to a small area, while providing things for her to scratch that ‘are’ safe will suffice. Hanging scratch pads, made of either cork or sisal on your door knobs is one way to encourage her to scratch, just do so appropriately. In the long term, you should monitor what she gets into, and not let her have unsupervised access to the house until you’re comfortable she isn’t going to turn your $ 900 leather sofa into confetti.

These are only a few examples of the trials and tribulations that you may face with your darling Fluffy. But, if you treat her right, reinforcing positive behavior with good things, and misbehavior with gentle yet firm negative reinforcement, she will come to understand and adapt, as all well-mannered cats do. Bearing that in mind, you’re sure to spend years and years together.

When all else fails, a spray bottle is inexpensive and says what you sometimes can’t, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning.

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Cat bathing is Necessary for Cats

Cats lick themselves clean with their tongues and that is why some people think that cats should never be bathed but this concept among people is very wrong just because cats needs showers just so that the dirt and all mud on them should be cleaned. Cat bathing should be promoted; cat’s coat and skin should be kept in good condition. Some cats just love water and they are up for cat bathingbut most of the cats just hate getting wet with water and bathing. There are many grooming tools available in the market and one has to choose the best tool according to the needs and requirements of the cat. Nails clipping and ear cleaning is also an important part of cat bathing.

Mane and tails shampoo are used on pets just for their proper hair growth. Main and Tails shampoo gives a very shiny and fresh look to the pets.

These shampoos were made and specifically formulated for pets in the beginning. After that slowly and gradually people felt inclined towards the usage of mane and tails shampoo for their hair as well. They are quite an important and an interesting product just because they are used for the treatment of pet’s hair and they are designed to look strong and heavy and healthy. Horse hair gives a very vibrant touch to a horse’s appearance and looks very neat. And the itching part is just eliminated just because main and tails shampoo gives a very natural look to the horse’s coat. The horse gets so much stronger that nothing can make them shed or break. The grooming of horse’s coat and hair is very necessary just because they prevent them from falling off, allergies and different types of bacteria’s that have fungal characteristics. That is why a pet owner should be happy to keep the pets like horses, dogs, cats etc but has to be careful with their health.

They are quite an important and an interesting product just because they are used for the treatment of pet’s hair and they are designed to look strong and heavy and healthy. Horse hair gives a very vibrant touch to a horse’s appearance and looks very neat. And the itching part is just eliminated just because main and tails shampoo gives a very natural look to the horse’s coat. The horse gets so much stronger that nothing can make them shed or break. The grooming of horse’s coat and hair is very necessary just because they prevent them from falling off, allergies and different types of bacteria’s that have fungal characteristics. That is why a pet owner should be happy to keep the pets like horses, dogs, cats etc but has to be careful with their health.

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Three Key Ingredients to Raising Healthy Cats

If you are reading this today, you are a proud mom or pop of a darling animal that loves you unconditionally, doesn’t talk back, is there when you need them and brings joy into your every day life. I, myself, am the human of two sweet kitties: Wellington and Lacie. They are the one constant in my life when things get tough and have endured a move each year including two Atlantic Coast trips. I love my babies and as a natural health and wellness professional and advocate I extend my natural health knowledge to maintain and improve the health of my pets.

Diet, fish oil supplementation and other holistic and alternative therapies are essential to keeping your beloved pet healthy and happy.

When I began researching about the pet food I was feeding my cats, I was alarmed by the finding. This is a very unregulated industry and the bi-products and chemicals are frightening.

According to Dr. Richard Pitcairn in his book, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats, there is no mandatory federal inspection of ingredients used in pet food manufacturing.In all but two or three states, the law allows pet food makers to use “4-D sources”, that is tissues from animals that are dead, dying, disabled or diseased when they arrive at the slaughterhouse.Another shocking fact is that before meat even arrives at the rendering plant it has already been saturated with chemicals.

To comply with government regulations all meat rejected by slaughterhouses must be “denatured”; a procedure designed to make it unpalatable to humans, thus ensuring it cannot be resold as human grade meat.There are a variety of methods used.Dr. Wendell Belfied, DVM (former USDA vet) wrote in “Let’s Live” magazine:”In my time as a veterinary meat inspector, we denatured with carbolic acid (phenol, a potentially corrosive disinfectant) and/or creosote (used to preserve wood, also a disinfectant).”

According to federal meat inspection regulations fuel oil, kerosene, carbolic acid and citronella are the approved denaturing materials used. Other foods rejected by the USDA that ends up in pet foods include moldy grains and rancid animal fats. According to an article in “Environmental News” (March ’99) a large percentage of commercial pet food is made up of meat by-products: a toxic brew containing diseased and contaminated meat from slaughterhouses, animal heads, toenails, chicken feathers, feet and beaks.It also includes dead animals picked up from the nation’s roads, rancid restaurant grease, and thousands of animals euthanized in animal hospitals and shelters (flea collars and all).Along with the meat come any drugs that have been introduced into the animals such as hormones, antibiotics and barbiturates used to put pets to sleep.Unsold supermarket meats arrive in their original Styrofoam and plastic packaging are tossed into the pot.

It would be wonderful if we could all feed our animals an all-natural raw food diet, but for some the following alternatives will be very helpful. After further research and discussion with natural and holistic vets the best organic and natural pet foods are listed below. The following is not a complete list of all that is available but will give you some respected names:













Fish oil or Pet Cod Liver Oil is essential for your dog and cat. It replenishes essential fatty acids- essential fatty acids – Fish Oil, Borage Oil and Natural Vitamin E – that are easily destroyed by the normal processing of commercial pet foods. Fatty acids are vital to the everyday health, skin and coat, heart and cardiovascular system, strong muscles and healthy strong joints.

When I started to give Lacie and Wellie Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil, their energy levels spiked, they stopped shedding as much and their fur is softer and shinier.

A very close friend of mine is a holistic vet who conducts acupuncture on pets and mixes herbal remedies for sick animals speaks highly of massage treatment for your pet. Essential you can give your dog or kitty cat a highly effective massage that will help release toxins and ease muscle pain they may experience. Massage in general is great for moving and releasing the lymphatic system. You can massage your pet when watching tv or a movie or when grooming. They’ll love the attention and it will also increase the bond between you and your pet.

Keeping our pets healthy and happy further helps our own health as they give us so much joy and love that, in my fair opinion, we are the lucky bunch that comes home to a loving animal.

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A Guide To Cat Toys

When selecting a toy for your cat you wish one that is each safe and smart for giving your cat exercise. You can obtain a number of these toys in the shop and you’ll be able to build some of them at home.

1. Balls:

Cats love chasing balls. Just regarding any ball will do. Ping Pong balls are great as a result of of their size. My cat has even played with my children’ balls from their ball pit. Balls are safe as a result of they’ll not be chewed open or swallowed whole. For added pleasure offer your cat a ball with a very little bell inside. Then when the cat bats at the ball it can hear the bell. This only works with cats that aren’t skittish. A final ball choice is to scrunch up some aluminum foil in to a ball. Most cats like shiny objects.

2. Yarn with a feather hooked up at the tip:

Solely use this toy when playing together with your cat. Do not leave it out for the cat to play with alone because the yarn will get caught round the cat’s neck and suffocate it. Hold the yarn out in front of the cat and slowly pull the yarn far from the cat. The cat will them leap at the feather. This can be a searching reaction that a cat would have within the wild. It will pounce on the feather like it is catching its prey. It is great manner to encourage your cat’s natural instincts and promote exercise at the same time.

3. Purchase a foreign controlled mouse:

This can be a funny toy to play with and also helps encourage a cat’s looking skills. You’ll be able to use any remote controlled toy, however a mouse may be a more natural choice. Use your remote to move the article round the room. Stop when the cat catches it thus the cat will feel a sense of accomplishment. Then begin up again. Play as long because the cat is interested. This is often a nice manner to induce your cat exercising.

4. Purchase a catnip sack or create your own:

Make a pillow out of burlap and fill it with cat nip. Then sew it up. Cats go crazy for cat nip and can want to play with the toy after they smell the scent. If the cat goes too crazy and tries to rip open the burlap then you’re going to possess to take the toy away. Most cats ought to be fine with it, however.

5. Buy or make a climber:

Cats love to climb on top of all else. That’s why therefore many of them get stuck in trees. A climber is essential if you don’t need your cat to start out climbing up your drapes. You can buy some that are fairly inexpensive or you’ll make one yourself out of wood. Simply staple carpet on each step of the climber therefore that the cat does not jump up and slide off the graceful wood surface. Make positive the climber is secure and will not tip over when the cat plays on it.

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